We see Kara again 5 years later and she's put on a lot of weight. She's seen lots of people come and go but one say when she was hiding she saw a huge fat dragon walking with a 2 tailed green fox. She was quite scared of this dragon, and she watched from the bushes where she was hiding. The dragon came up to the food vendors she was always watching and stopped.

"Hey Verace, im hungry for a snack." the huge dragon said and the fox replied "Chronos, you're ALWAYS hungry for a snack, I don't have the money to get you anything."

The dragon grinned. "Oh, that's ok, I will help myself" Kara watched curiously and then something started tickling her nose and she felt like she was going to sneeze, the large dragon picked up a cart of food and dumped it all into his mouth, the vendor was just astounded at this and just as the dragon was about to pick up another cart she sneezed, and the fox and dragon looked over to the sneezing bush.

"You hear that Chronos?" the fox asked.

"Yeah, seems we're being watched." the dragon said, Kara 'eep'ed and took off running from the bush and didn't come back for several days. When she finally came back she never saw the fox or dragon again, things went back to normal and then someone new came by, it was a green Yoshi, but this Yoshi was fatter than her; he had a rather large belly too. She watched him buy a large about of food and walk off, and she thought this was rather interesting. She thought he was cute and watched him leave. Thankfully he stopped back now and then. She wanted to be with him but she knew better then to make herself known so she watched the Yoshi with the jelly-like belly. She thought he was the cutest critter ever to pass by her and she liked following him now and then to see what he liked to do.

This kept up for several months through the fall and winter, though she didn't see him as much and then spring came and he came more regularly. She was still stealing food from everyone but she never took any from this Yoshi. One day in late spring early summer a pretty dragoness sat down at a bench near her but just out of range. She watched her for a while and then a red dragon came along and sat next to her. After they chatted the red one got up and got some food and started talking to the other dragoness, and Kara saw this as an opportunity. While he was distracted she shot out her tongue and snatched the fries he got and gulped them down paper and all. The red dragon went to eat his fries and found they're not there, and he grumbled and went to get another set of fries. The two dragons continued chatting and Kara thought she had another chance to steal the fries, so she tried stealing them but this time the dragon caught her tongue squeezing it tight, which really hurt. He kept shouting at her and squeezing her tongue, but she just wanted to get away. The other dragon yelled at the red one and he let her go, and she ran off back to her home in the park, whining about her sore tongue.

She whined and stayed in her sewer pipe for several hours. Meanwhile, around town, Jessica was in a rather playful mood witch was rather bad for those who live in the city. She took especially great pleasure in various Yoshis who she knew she could really get mad, she went to each and every one of them and managed to slime them at the right time to really get them upset, she just laughed and walked off leaving them covered in slime as she walked back to the city. Later on as Kara was still pouting in her home, Crista and Zephy came by and started there bench testing as usual on the nearby bench. The noises soon get to her and Kara peeks out and saw the odd things the two were doing, and she found a place to hide and watched curiously as Crista and Zephy had their fun. Kara watched and wondered if they're trying to fight or if one was trying to eat the other. She watched them for quite a while as they have fun testing the bench, eventually they move on and out of sight.

Kara went back to her pipe and thought about what she saw, and in another part of the city all the people who Jessica slimed earlier had gotten together to discuss what to do about her, they decided that to get to her they need to go to the one who created her. Later on they arrive at Robo-Moya's lair. She greeted them harshly, "Whaddya all want?" she asked and one of them came forward.

"We want you to do something about Jessica. You made her, you can do something about her."

She laughs, "Oh my, you think I have ANY control over her or her sister? Please. I would have done much more if they listened to me. But... I will tell you what, you bring me this Yoshi and I will do what I can about Jessica" she walks in and prints out a surveillance picture of Kara and gives it to the Yoshi. The Yoshi comments, "Where are we going to find her?"

She laughs again. "My, aren't we helpless, look around. Something that fat can't be hard to find."

She went back in and slammed the door. They all talked amongst themselves about what to do and if it's actually the right thing to do. Some decided to not go through with this but the majority saw it as the only way to take care of Jessica. Robo-Moya laughs inside her lab, "The fools. I been waiting to use this Yoshi in my new slime formula for some time now, and they're going to deliver her right to me."

The Yoshis who remained climbed into a van and started to roam around the town trying to find Kara, but she had gone back to hiding in her bush by the food vendors. She was starving and wanted some more food, and as she was waiting for food that fat green Yoshi came by again and bought all the food. She was a bit disappointed as he walked off but she decided to follow him at a distance. She wandered though the city on his trail as he gulped down the food, and he went across the street but she was caught by traffic, unable to get across. She didn't notice the same red dragon from earlier that day across the street. He saw her, but suddenly a van came up and the side door opened. A bunch of Yoshis came out and grabbed her and shoved her into the van and speed off.

Inside the van Kara was scared and didn't know what was going on, someone grabbed her collar and tried taking it off, this really made her mad, that's the one thing no one touches. She put up a really big fight, and several of the Yoshis were wounded, they managed to shoot her with a tranquillizer dart, but it didn't seem to have any effect so they shot her again and this time, finally she slowed down and passed out. No one dared to try to take her collar off after that. They stopped off to Robo-Moyas lair, once there they strapped her to a guerney and wheeled her over to the door, and knocked on it.

"Whaddya want now?" she called out from inside.

"We have that Yoshi you wanted."

She opened the door and walked out. "Wonderful, this will help a lot. I been trying to get her for years. Thanks, suckers."

She walked in and slammed the door in there faces. The Yoshis looked around at each other, wondering if they had made a mistake. Inside, Robo-Moya put Kara inside a cell and waited for her to wake up, as she waited she started mixing chemicals together, and also took a blood sample and did several tests on it.

Kara woke up soon after her blood was taken and looked around, confused. Robo-Moya was hard at work testing the blood with the chemicals when suddenly she heard scratching, she looked around and saw Kara on one of the monitors trying to scratch her way out. She 'hmm's and turned on some gas, and it hissed out of the floor in Karas cell. It slowly filtered up, and Kara started to feel light headed and tired. She yawned and lay down, going to sleep. Robo-Moya goes back to her studies of Kara's blood and how to best make the chemicals work. Neither of them were aware of what happened during the rest of the day, and the battle that took place between the red dragon and the dragoness.

Kara was kept gassed at all times, for the rest of the week. She just slept quietly in her cell. Finally it came time to use Kara as the guinea pig of the experiment. Robo-Moya dragged Kara onto a wheeled platform and took her out to the main lab and hooked up a breathing tube to her, and tied her muzzle shut to keep up from slipping out. Kara was hoisted above a large tank filled with an odd looking green liquid. Robo-Moya turned on the air that was mixed with the same gas, to keep her in a light sleep enough so she could try brainwashing her. Kara was lowered into the tank and and submerged completely, the hoist was released and she floated there in the fluid...