Okay, this site doesn't have everything, but I hope you enjoyed your visit and you'll return to the Lair soon. If you're still looking for Yoshi stuff, here are a few affiliates of Darkmark's Lair:

Yoshi Theather The Yoshi Theater
TetraForge TetraForge
Super Sprite Stadium Super Sprite Stadium
ProZD Studios ProZD Studios

Affiliates are basically people who I link to who ALSO link BACK to me, so that we share a portion of our site's traffic.

If you want to become an affiliate with the Lair, you can either post a message on the forums, or send an e-mail to with a subject line along the lines of "Affiliation". Please also either give a link to, or attatch, a banner for your site (88x31 is the standard, but larger ones will sill be accepted).

Remember that the Lair's (current) banner is shown below, and the HTML code for it is on the FAQ Page:

Please do not link to this banner. Instead, save it and upload it to your own website, and link to it there.

To report a bad, missing, or broken link, go to the Customer Service forum and make a post in the 'correction corner' message. You do not need to be registered to do this.

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