Strange But True...

Did you know that Woodpeckers have long, extendible tongues, a bit like a Yoshi's? It's true!

It curls up inside the Woodpecker's skull normally, like this:

The difference between the Woodpecker's tongue and ours is that there is a bone running through it - this allows them to help control it. They use it once they have drilled a hole in a tree to grab insects and grubs inside the wood. It's even got a little ball on the end, if you look closely. It can be 'flicked' out of the mouth like so:

Just make it a bit bigger, and it'd look like a Yoshi's tongue. It's not that far off the truth, if you think about it. Especially since it's widely believed that Birds evolved from Dinosaurs...

(If you want to know more, I got those last two pictures and some of the information from here:

None of the images on this page are the result of my work, but the article and the speculation is.
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