Darkmark's Lair

Hello and welcome to Darkmark's Lair. For many years this was the fansite of the brown Yoshi known as Darkmark, showcasing his works along with those submitted by members of the site.
However, as of August 22nd, 2011, seven years after its creation and then its relocation to the current free.fr address, the site is officially finished and no further changes will be made.
All of the published works have remained here for anyone interested, but it is no longer possible to join or submit artwork, so please consider this a museum of sorts for the owner and the members of Darkmark's Lair.

visitors since September 2nd, 2004 (when we relocated to free.fr).

Last Update:

22/08/11: Fanfics Update:

It's been a few months short of two years since the last update. Where has the time gone? Unfortunately, I regret to announce that I can no longer maintain the site to the level it once was held at, and am no longer accepting contributions for its material.

However, there is good news! I have published all the remaining chapters of Cursed Yoshi. Yes, that's right; it has been written and published to its conclusion. I decided that there was no point to holding out any longer and that even if I did make further changes to it, they would be superfluous at best.

I'd like to thank everyone who has visited the site and anyone who will arrive here in the future for their support and encouragement. As far as I know, the site will not be taken down, so I will leave it up for everyone to peruse at their leisure.

Now, let's play together...
Together under the clearest of Blue Skies.


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Newbies' Page First time visitors: Only just found this place? Congratulations, but you should go here before you go anywhere else.
News Page News Archive: The previous ten updates made to the site, archived in case you need to check up for whatever reason.
Members Page Members Page: A list of anyone who has officially joined the site and now submit stuff to the lair, or otherwise work for me.
Staff Page Staff Page: A list of anyone who has gained/worked for/bribed their way into/been enlightened with/hacked/stolen [Delete as appropriate] admin access to the site or forums, or has moderator priveleges on the forums.
Forums The Forums Of No Return: The oddly-named forums for Darkmark's Lair. You can submit files via the forums and even join the site!


Fan Fiction Page Fan Fiction: Short Stories, One-Offs, and Series Stories are all here.
Tutorials Page Tutorials: Take notes, class! Simple steps can teach you whatever you need to know... so long as there's a tutorial written for it.
Articles Page Articles: Interesting non-fictional pieces of work regarding Yoshi or Nintendo.

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Sprite Comics Page Sprite Comics: Random comics, series comics, single panel comics... all sprite comics are in this subsection.
Artwork Page Artwork: Hand drawn and computer graphed art of any sort is here.
Games Page Fun And Games: Looking for a little diversion? Got some free time you need to waste? Entertain yourself with the contents of this section. Games, Music, and (sometimes) more.


Sprite Sheets Sprite Sheets: These are sheets of premade sprites often 'ripped' straight from video games. They're primarily used for sprite comics.
Construction Kits Construction Kits: The ultimate spriting tool. You can use one to create all-new sprites of a given character, assuming there's a kit available.


Guidelines Page Guidelines for submissions: Want to know how far you can stretch the bounds of good taste? Wondering why your submissions keep getting returned and rejected? Skim through here, if you would. PLEASE read this section before you submit fan fiction...
Submission Page Submit something!: Want to submit something to the site? Read this first, and find out where to send which type of file.
Joining Page Join the site: You MUST do this before you can submit anything. Give me a few details, and you'll be registered to make submissions. It's that simple!

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Frequently Asked Questions. Need I say more?
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Yoshi's Biography Who is Yoshi?:
A short biography of the video game character that led to the creation of this website.