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22/08/11: Fanfics Update:

It's been a few months short of two years since the last update. Where has the time gone? Unfortunately, I regret to announce that I can no longer maintain the site to the level it once was held at, and am no longer accepting contributions for its material.

However, there is good news! I have published all the remaining chapters of Cursed Yoshi. Yes, that's right; it has been written and published to its conclusion. I decided that there was no point to holding out any longer and that even if I did make further changes to it, they would be superfluous at best.

I'd like to thank everyone who has visited the site and anyone who will arrive here in the future for their support and encouragement. As far as I know, the site will not be taken down, so I will leave it up for everyone to peruse at their leisure.

Now, let's play together...
Together under the clearest of Blue Skies.


1/12/09: Multiple Update:

It's been a long time, I know. I thought I had more stuff to do, but it turns out I only have some new artwork and a chapter of the Legend of Lyko, both from Waffle.

28/6/09: Multiple Update:

Man, maybe I should just aim for a monthly update. Today, we have:

23/5/09: Multiple Update:

Going through my inbox again to try and get things up to date:

  • A random comic from Kaashi
  • Two new members: Beast Queen and FuriousYoshi.
  • I cleared the Groupboard's saved images, since some inconsiderate person filled up all 20 slots with random scrawls.
  • I would have a short story by Kaashi too, but my version of MS Word isn't new enough to read .docx files. Whoops. But hey, consider it a preview of the next update!
5/4/09: Multiple Update:

Boy, been a while, huh? Good thing I changed the banner a while back. Well, I can't promise this will keep up, but I should have more free time available in the future. Classes are almost over.

As far as today's update goes, I'm finally able to clear out my inbox of stuff piled up here. So we have:

Also, and quite notably: Cursed Yoshi is almost ready to return from its hiatus. I've got just a couple of chapters to write, and then I will post all the remaining chapters together once they're done and ready. I make no promises about exactly when, though.

19/11/08: Members Update:
We have not one, not two, but three new members:
2/11/08: Multiple Update:
We've been out for a while, but I'm back! We've got a new member in the form of Duncan Koopa and we've also got another chapter of Legend of Lyko from Waffle.
24/5/08: Multiple Update:
A few things today from Lexax! He's started an Artwork Page and has also submitted some Random Comics.
28/4/08: Multiple Update:
We hit 20,000 visitors! That's amazing, and you people rock. Thank you for all your support so far!
By way of an actual update, we have a new member, Lexax!
Furthermore, I fixed a broken link on my fifth art page that was pointing to some nonexistant SWF version of a picture and not the PNG that I had uploaded (quite some time ago)... weird.
Also, regarding art, I finally got around to putting up all the art I had been holding off on 'cause it was in a series... better half a series than nothing at all. So check out the fifth and sixth pages of my gallery!
4/3/08: Multiple Update:
Waffle has started a new series story, Legend of Lyko.
I've updated a few more pages to CSS *, so let me know if anything has exploded.
We also appear to be nearing the 20,000 visitor count. You people are awesome.

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