Darkmark's Gallery, 6th Page

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Zíra Luinairé
This picture was a collaboration with the excellent Coral Yoshi, who I've collaborated with before. She did this as a sketch thing for True and then I coloured the sketch; he got a bonus one for following Coral's instructions on the sign-up correctly. I still need to do my own version of Z...
A medic and a friend of Orukhan, despite their opposing personalities. He's shy, frail, easily frightened, and not much of a fighter. However, he got caught up in the same mess as the others, and goes with them now.
Will he live through this ordeal? Will he overcome some of his shyness? I'm running out of things to end these with...
Eirsir's Story
The first of a series of pictures telling (briefly) the stories of the Light Gods, the Saviours, and the Dark Gods. Due to overlap, there are 8 Light Gods, 1 Saviour, and 8 Dark Gods. As of writing this, I have descriptions written for all of them, but only 5 pictures... gotta get drawin'.
I tried out a new style with this one, and it turned out really well. It's based more on official Yoshi art, and in particular I tried a new style on the legs.
This details the story of the God of Creation and Existence.
Karshina's Story
The next in the series, detailing the story of the Goddess of Luck and Fate. The picture's not as good as the others.
Miyala's Story
The story of the Goddess of Time and Space. The pose in this is really awesome! It actually turned out. The detail on the hourglass also came out well. One of my better pictures, for sure.
Tivaro's Story
The story of the God of Knowledge and Wisdom. Not that great a pose, but the detail ont he book came out great.
Laryshka's Story
The story of the Goddess of War and Power. Turned out quite well. The pose idea is great, at least.

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