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Darkmark as Shinobi
Another cosplaying* picture, this time with Darkmark as Shinobi from the games of the same name. Again, there's an animated version you can find here (external link). I quite like it, though I should probably touch it up a little and add more little animated effects...
"Happy Family"
A gift I did for my good friend True Hitoare. His character is the green, winged Yoshi, and Siniera is his wife there, with their son, Senri. I had fun drawing this, and it really looks cute. I'm proud of the picture, and glad he liked it. The winghug is a nice touch.
A word of warning though; by True's request it's 1024x760 pixels, a wallpaper size.
Djynn as CO Sasha
That would be Djynn dressed up as Sasha, from Advance Wars: Dual Strike. There's no animation for this one. I was laughing too hard drawing this as it was.
Pretty Wingses
A character from the CY Universe who won't be introduced until the sequel (if I ever write it), the child of two characters who ARE in CY, her name is Lilliana, a crossbreed between a Winged One and an Anthro. I only did the colouring, but it turned out well.
This was a collaboration between myself and Hope N Forever (external link), an excellent artist who did the lineart.
Facing Destiny
I did this as an entry for a contest on DeviantArt. I can't remember what the theme was, but it was me and like, one other person, and I won the contest. It's a shot from the very end of Cursed Yoshi. I won't spoil anything here, but if you're interested, the full backstory to this picture is here: (external link).
I'm holding an RP campaign (like Dungeons and Dragons in concept, but using my own combat system based loosely on Fire Emblem's) with a few friends of mine, and this is the character of Tek Station (a member on this site). It's set in the world of Cursed Yoshi, but about 300 years before Darkmark's story.
Pen-Kitsu, the Kooparian oracle and assassin, user of shadow spells, searching to find the one who brought down his kingdom and take his revenge, now travels with a group of his 'enemies'... will he accomplish his goal and gain vengeance? Will he become one of the 'enemy'? Not even his second sight can say...
Tamako Simananen
From the same RP campaign as Pen, Tamako is one of the NPCs that I control to help out the group, giving them a little more balance.
A student of magic, Tamako is a Dragon Yoshi, and while they normally go more for large weaponry, Tamako showed potential for a spellcaster and his parents got him a spellbook. He later acquired his staff as a present from one of the travelling Dragon Yoshies in his settlement.
Cheerful, a little clumsy, and loyal to the Holy Knight acting as his guide, he's generally friendly but is ready to fight if he has to. Will he become a powerful sorcerer? Will he return proudly to his home? Only time will tell...
Sántarína Mynen
From the same RP campaign, Sántarína has been a Holy Knight for a little under ten years. Travelling the lands, she came across Tamako and took him under her wing, showing him around Chyrus. An Anthro Yoshi, she left her home long ago to strike out on her own. She's an NPC that I'm controlling to act as a moral compass for the group.
A little too serious at times, but generally calm and collected, she tries to seek peaceful outcomes to problems but will fight if it is necessary.
Where will her travels take her? Will she become a great Holy Knight? She'll have to wait and find out...
Also from the same RP campaign as the others, this is Strangie's (a member of this site) character, Orukhan. I think you can tell from the huge sword (it's a "fullblade") what he does.
He and his friend Zíra were out one day in Corvan city, and became caught up in something unexpectedly big. Saving a winged Yoshi from an attack by assassins, they fled the city with Sántarína, Tamako, Pen, and a feral caught up as well, Lorentha. They now wander the lands together, escaping the assassins coming for Felorna, the winged Yoshi, and investigating the strange monster attacks that have occurred recently across the lands.
Will Orukhan become a great and feared warrior? Will he be able to protect this newfound friends? We'll have to see...
Felorna Máranell
Again, from the RP campaign, this is the final NPC I'm controlling, mostly to use her as a plot hook. Long ago, she and her brother were blown clear of the mountains in a fierce storm. Stranded without any supplies or money, but with a few combat skills, they joined the guild. However, her brother was more skilled, and rose faster than she, eventually being transferred. Separated from her brother, Felorna never made it much further and eventually a series of events put her on the run. Searching for her brother, she was finally cornered in Corvan, but miraculously she was saved by the very assassin sent to eliminate her, the Holy Knight investigating her, and a few bystanders who helped her.
She now travels with them for protection. Will she ever find her brother? Will she ever make it home? Nobody knows for sure...
Unlike the other pictures which were done in Flash, this was coloured in Paint Shop Pro, which is why it looks different.

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