Anything hand drawn or CG'd* that gets submitted goes into this section. Fan art of almost all kinds is here, complete with thumbnails if you want a preview. All art here is copyright * of the orignal artist, so unless you want to be hunted down and skinned alive do not take any art from this page and pass it off as your own. The fact that there are signatures on almost all the pictures ought to discourage you, but either way you still have been warned.

The count of art thieves I have caught and brought my wrath upon is currently 2. Please don't force me to make that count any higher.

For the non art thieves out there, just enjoy yourselves. Pick an artist first, then scroll through their gallery as you like. There are ten picture links per page, and buttons to scroll to the next are at the bottom of the page.

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(Last updated on 28th of April, 2008)
The artwork of the webmaster of this site. Contains my older hand-drawn stuff, as well as my more recent Flash CG'd artwork.
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(Last updated on 23rd of September, 2005)
Welcome! This is my artwork. It's mostly stuff made in MSPaint, but it's still pretty good, and I mostly use the freehand tool to draw with.
(Last updated on 4th of September, 2004)
Welcome to my art! It is drawn in Flash, and I think I'm... at least... somewhat... good... at it.
Dragon Paw

(Last updated on 16th of January, 2005)
My art features Yoshi art drawn and CG'd on the computer.
Neon Yoshi
(Last updated on 17th of August, 2007)
<No Description>
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(Last updated on 1st of December, 2009)
<No Description>
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(Last updated on 24th of May, 2008)
Welcome!! This is all of my Yoshi related artwork. Most of the pictures are made on Microsoft paint using the line tool. Enjoy.
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Note: All characters are copyrighted * to their respective owners, unless otherwise stated. All art is copyrighted to the person who drew/CG'd* the art, unless otherwise stated. Some original concepts may be copyrighted to Nintendo and used under the Fair Use Act.

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