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I really like this one. It's me, looking up into some light in, maybe, a dark cave of sorts. Steal this pic and the light in the pic will turn red, indicating you should run for dear, freaking life.
I'm not sure whether I was really annoyed or if I just wanted to draw anger that day. This one's kinda old, and I don't know when I made it, so that's why the signature is "yo '0?".
Another good friend of mine, Joey! He's cool! Read his fics!
"Pound The Ground"
<DM's Note: This is an animated GIF, so there's no thumbnail.>
Yeah, a kind of cheap animation of me pounding the ground...but, a lot of people thought that the blurring effect was nice. So, yeah!
"Sad Movie"
This one came out of nowhere, but I really like it, mostly because I got everything down top-notch. Heh, I wasn't even sad when I made this.
"A Light In The Dark"
I'm really proud of this one! ^_^ I was listening to Hello by Evanescence when I made this. Music always seems to help me make something good. *dances*
Well, on that day I had just found out something uber-exciting, and that turned into instant inspiration for an excitement-filled pic. ^_^ I love it, and I can't see any mistakes, except with my right wrist/hand. By the way, I love that shoe style...
I just had to draw at that moment, so I drew myself in a cave, lighting my way with a fireball. Proportion and everything is great, it's just that the fireball's a little weird. ^^;; And I still dig that shoe style.

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