Darkmark's Gallery, 2nd Page

"Requiem for Alziana"
A scene from Cursed Yoshi. I know that a requiem is a song, but it's a tune of mourning so it still fits. This took me a long time to do, and it's the only picture to date with Xenly in it. I should practice drawing blood and tears...
Neo Darkmark 2
Another picture of Neo Darkmark, but without the aura... I'll draw the full one eventually. I did much better chains this time, and a neater effect with the purple energy, but the eyes look worse coloured with just a pencil crayon instead of the pen ink... hmm...
That said, I absolutely love the auras around the hands. I think they worked out really well.
There wasn't any real reason for me to draw this, but I needed the practice and something to try out a few different styles on. That's the first time I drew clasped hands, and it took me about fifty tries just to get what's there. I also used a much better style for the eyelashes, longer legs, and I used a different pen to ink the sketch... not that it shows. You'd never know the difference.
Shiala, the Feral Yoshi
Shiala's a feral Yoshi, which is why she has all those strange markings, but as a feral she only wears those rings and bracelets. This is mostly for practice, but I'm going to draw a second Shiala picture eventually and I wanted some practice at her before I did that. I also wanted to try out a new style of shading, which I think worked out quite well, in comparison to my older style. Check out the new head angle! And you thought I'd only do that one position for all eternity.
The Cursed Yoshi Deities
All eight of them as described in Chapter 19. Except for the orb Eirsir's holding, which will be explained later. Two new styles of shading but a whole bunch of inking and colouring mistakes... oh well, they're minor. If I ever draw any of these again I'm going to do them one at a time... this picture took absolutely forever.
Baby Marcus
Aww... isn't he cute? I just felt like drawing this for the hell of it... turned out pretty well, in my opinion. His head is meant to be out of proportion to his body... well, moreso than usual, but I don't think it's that noticable...
It's Darkmark.exe from DMBN! I drew the picture by hand and coloured Darkmark, before CGing the background... using MS Paint and Flash MX. What I wouldn't do for a copy of photoshop...
A picture of Xenly. This was unbelievably hard to draw, due to the angle, and though I originally intended to add a panoramic background, I quit while I was ahead and doing things I still had the ability to do.
On another note, the shading on this one rocks.
"A Changed Man"
Marcus from the very end of the first book of Cursed Yoshi. That cape really sucks... as does the hand... and the end of the flail... but the rest is okay, and the shading job is pretty good.
Darkmark's Character Sheet
I was taking on a lot of art trades over at DeviantArt and figured I'd better do a sheet of Darkmark for reference. On the offchance that you ever draw my avatar*, be sure to use this as a guide to help you.
Art-wise, I finally got a new shading technique right. It looks good, at least it does IMO.

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