Darkmark's Gallery, First Page

Darkmark Standing
My very first picture... man, I sucked back then. I still do, just not as much. You can tell straight away I just copied a sprite, but that said, it was still the best thing I had ever drawn in my life.
Alziana Waving
Second picture. Again, I copied a sprite and put my own touches on it, and drew a much better hand, though it still looked like crap. It just looks wrong compared to my more recent drawings. There's a mistake in this picture; can anyone spot it?
Darkmark holding some plasma
I drew actual legs here, as opposed to disembodied feet, and it turned out quite well. I also made the saddle a little smaller, and changed the style of the boots, but totally screwed up the little plasma fire. It should've been bigger, I suppose.
Manny drawing his sword
His right arm looks wrong, but it kinda worked. Not much else to say; the sword is pretty mediocre and the colouring's a bit too defined from shade to shade.
Marcus guarding
Aside from where I screwed up the tail, and his left arm, and the crappy flail chains, I like this one. Notice that the legs are slightly exaggerated compared to other pictures; this is deliberate.
You can see already that the picture quality has improved since the paper is less obvious. I tried a different style for the fins, more like on today's Yoshi, but it just didn't look right, so I went back after this picture.
Who is it, you ask? It's a character that won't appear in the Cursed Yoshi series for quite some time yet, called Melinda. Notice the fangs, and the claws, which I think I drew fairly well.
Neo Darkmark - Line Art*
This is explained in Cursed Yoshi, at some point or another. Neo Darkmark is Darkmark, but in a more powerful, magic-vulnerable form visible here. I saved an inked copy so I could consider CGing at a later date, but also to show you what one of my pictures might look like before I add any colour.
Neo Darkmark - First Shade/Preshade
After the preliminary shading, this is what one of my pictures might look like. Notice that I added an aura to the picture, though it isn't the full aura, which I will get around to drawing some day.
"I could easily destroy you all".
After I do the detailed shading, the final version of the picture looks like this. Out of all my pictures, I love this one the most for some unknown reason. I suppose it's the shading that turned out so well, or how black the eyes are, an effect I achieved by using up half a cartridge of pen ink. And damned expensive ink at that. But it was worth it.
Darkmark with wings
Those look familiar? The sprite version of them came from Final Fantasy Five, and got recoloured and added to the Darkmark construction kit. I decided to draw them the way I wanted, and came up with this. Those wings are cool, particularly the membranes.
And those arms... I lost count of how many times I erased them and redrew them. Detail ain't my thing. I'm never going to draw folded arms again if I can possibly avoid it.

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