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This is the index of fan fiction authors. Pick one to see their stories, and you can then (hopefully) immerse yourself in another world with the characters they've created, laugh at the comedies, hold your breath (not for too long, though) during the epics, grip the end of your chair during the fight scenes, sniffle for the touching 'fics... or just enjoy yourself without doing any of those. Your choice.

The stories are sorted by author, but the list of 'fics written by each author is also displayed next to the author's name. These files are HTML files, so anyone can view them. Please note that if an author has both a short story and a series story, for example, then they will both be under that author's area of the site.

Darkmark's Fanfics:
Series Stories:
Cursed Yoshi (116 Chapters, Ended, PG-13, Epic).
Ryanoshi's Fanfics:
Series Stories:
Songs of the Silent Age (18 Chapters, Ended, PG-13, Epic. Approx 123,000 words).
Songs of Light and Darkness (4 Chapters, ---ON HIATUS---, PG-13, Epic).
Agents of Chaos (1 Chapter, ---ON HIATUS---, PG-13, Epic).
Joey's Fanfics:
Short Stories:
Time To Kill (13 Chapters, Ended, PG, Epic/Sci-Fi. Approx 100,000 words).
Dragon Paw's Fanfics:
Series Stories:
Elemental Prophecy (5 Chapters, ---ON HIATUS---, PG-13, Epic.)
YoYoYoshi's Fanfics:
Single Stories:
Yoshi's Island Adventure (G, Fantasy)
Kara Yoshi's Fanfics:
Short Stories:
Kara: A slimy Yoshi story; Chapter 1, Chapter 2 (PG-13.)
Single Stories:
Roy's Bad Day (PG-13, Fan Fanfiction*)
Wanopio's Fanfics:
Single Stories:
A Timeline of the Mario Universe (G, Informative)
Series Stories:
Yoshi's Island 2: Xoshi's Story (43 Chapters, Irregular Update, PG-13, Epic)
Geek Lord's Fanfics:
Series Stories:
Dark Echo: (2 Chapters, ---ON HIATUS---, PG, Epic)
Mental's Fanfics:
Series Stories:
Castle: (1 Chapter, Irregular Update, Not Yet Rated, Epic)
Waffle's Fanfics:
Series Stories:
Legend of Lyko: (3 Chapters, Irregular Update, Not Yet Rated, Epic)
Kaashi's Fanfics:
Short Stories:
Kaashi's Story (11 Chapters, Ended, PG, Fantasy/Modern. Approx 8,800 words).

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