A long time ago a dragon and a Yoshi fell in love, they where happy and lived in the forest in a small nest. They eventually had their first egg and when the little one hatched she was a cute pink yoshi, but was scaly with red reptilian eyes. They named her Kara and they were the best parents a little hatchling could ask for; they where loving and kind.

About 2 years later she had grown up some and was just starting to be taught to speak. One day she was given a collar with a large gold K and her name embroidered in it. She was all excited and wandered off to show it off while her parents looked away for a moment, and the little one wandered over a small patch of ground that was very loose, then she slipped and fell breaking though and she fell down with a startled yelp into a cave. She took a bit of a beating on the way down but luckily nothing was broken, and she was still awake if not bruised and sore. Hearing her yelp her parents rushed over but couldn't find where she went, and though she tried calling out and crying but no one could hear her all the way down there. Her parents searched high and low for a long time but never found their little Kara.

The little hatchling was all alone as she wandered though the cave, there was no light at all, but she could smell things and hear them, her natural hunting instincts soon took over making sure she didn't starve, and so few months went by and she grew up some. One day as she wandered and came across a spot in the cave where light was filtering though a hole in the cave, she was blinded at first but after a few weeks of coming and going from the spot her eyes readjusted to the light and she crept ever closer to the hole, and finally looked out. She saw a herd of Boshies who where outcasts for being mean to others for fun. She looked at them and at herself and she had claws on her hands and feet. She was pink, but she thought she might be one of them anyway.

She got up her courage and squeezed though the small hole in the wall, tumbling out and rolling into a one of the Boshi's legs. They all stopped what they where doing and looked down at this little Yoshi who has invaded their camp. They discussed what to do with her and they thought it would be fun to keep her as a pet. So the tied her up and pierced her nose with a gold ring and tied it to a post in the ground, so she was just out of range of the food table. They teased her with food every day and fed her barely enough to keep her alive, and if she ever managed to to take food from someone they would beat her severely.

This went on for several years, until the post came loose eventually and she got loose one day and raided all the food. The Boshies weren't happy and tied her and gave her the worst beating she ever had, she never fought back though. All these years of being beaten up she had come to expect it, she leaned that if she worked her claws at the rope she could fray it enough to be loose and roam the camp, she only wandered at night when everyone was asleep but she never left the camp at all, it was the only home she knew of and didn't want to lose it. One night one of the Boshies caught her and woke up the rest of the camp, she rushed back to her spot but the other Boshies came and they all started beating on her. This night was different, something snapped inside her mind and she fought back viciously.

None of the Boshies where prepared for anything like this and most got hurt pretty bad, lucky to be alive. Kara passed out and collapsed onto the ground. When she woke up the next morning she was tied to the mountain side via a chain looped through her nose ring. The Boshies who walked by were growled and snapped at, from then on, and she wasn't fed at all. The Boshies rarely went by and were all afraid of her now. After a week she was really hungry and hadn't eaten a thing, the Boshies were packing up camp and soon they left for other parts of the forest, leaving her all alone and chained to the mountain with no way to be free. Struggle as she might she couldn't do much, it hurt too much pulling on the chain with her nose ring.

By the end of the next week she was starving, and had barely had enough energy to open her eyes to notice a blue Yoshi wandering by. He noticed the shiny chain and wandered over and saw Kara laying there tied to the mountain, he rushed ever to check to see if she was alive and she growled at him weakly. He couldn't get the lock off the chain at her nose ring witch the Boshies added to make sure she wouldn't get loose as they left. He tugged and worked at the chain for several hours until it finally came loose. Kara didn't move at all; she had passed out due to hunger. He 'hmm'ed and propped her up on his saddle and wrapped up the chain, and took her back to his apartment in the city. He put her on his bed and worked at removing that lock, thankfully he happened to have a pair of bolt cutters and with one quick chop the lock was off and the chain came off easily.

He looked curiously at her nose ring, wondering whether to chop it off as well or not. He decided to ask her about it when she was better, he spent the next several weeks slowly nursing her back to health. He returned from the store one day to find her up and about sniffing various things around the apartment. "Oh good your finally awake. How are you feeling Kara?"

She looked back at him curiously, head tilting. "That is your name, isn't it? It says it on your collar. By the way, my name's Toshi. It's nice to see you're better." She didn't reply and resumed checking out the apartment. He 'hmm'ed and tried talking to her more, but she just looked at him puzzled. She didn't see him as a threat. She stayed with Toshi for a while and was treated well like a pet since she didn't seem to have anything to say or make any attempts to communicate.

One day when Toshi was out Kara went through looking for food and once she had eaten everything she thought was edible, she scratched at the door wanting out. Toshi happened to have handles on the doors so as she was scratching she managed to turn the handle and the door opened. It seemed Toshi had forgotten to lock the door. She wandered out into the city, she looked around in amazement all the tall things, the fast moving coloured things wizing by. This was definitely not the forest. She didn't know where she was, so many different species walking around. She wandered around lost, and she was nearly hit several times by cars and such. She learned quickly to follow the large crowd across the busy streets, until eventually she came across some food vendors and decided to help herself, and they weren't to pleased with that.

She couldn't figure out what was going on but she thought it best to leave, and soon she found the police after her and took off and they ran after her, she couldn't lose them and as she looked back at them and didn't see an open manhole and fell in. She was stunned for a moment and panicked as this was a lot like when she fell into the cave many years ago. But she soon came back to her right mind as she herd the police coming down after her. She took off into the maze of sewer pipes and tunnels, getting completely lost but avoiding the police. She eventually saw daylight and came out in an abandoned sewer pipe in a park, and climbed out and explored. She liked the park; it reminded her of the forest, and no one seemed to notice the old sewer pipe so she made it her home. She found it best after several encounters with mad shop owners and police that it was best to hide and wait for the food to come to her. With this idea she got to eat as much fatty food as she liked and not have to move much, so she grew rather fat over the next several years. She didn't seem to care though, she eventually became an urban legend about food mysteriously disappearing from peoples' hands and claws.

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