Dragonroy's Bad Day by Draconya Spiriteyes =}

Editor's Note: If you have a thing against lesbians I'd suggest you avoid this story and the implied sexuality of two of the characters herein...

It was a morning like any other; Roy was woken up by his alarm clock and grumbled while getting up. He stumbles to the shower and turns it on and started taking his shower, and half way though the water stops. He looks up at the shower head curiously and a few moments later slime comes out covering him in it. He sighs and grumbles as his shower soaks him in slime, and he thought "Jessica, ooo im going to get you for this."

Meanwhile, Jessica was laughing evilly, quite enjoying what she just did to Roy. She thought it would be a good way to start the morning by really ticking him off. About that time Jennifer rang the door bell, Roy grumbles and put on a towel and went to see who it was. He opens the door a bit and sees Jennifer standing there. "What do you want?" he asks, rather unhappy with being covered in slime.

"Sorry about the slime. Here, take this and clean up. You don't have to return them." she smiles and hands them to Roy and walks off. Roy is a bit stunned and goes back in and washes off all the slime. Jessica was watching all this and is anything but happy about what Jennifer just did. Roy comes out a while later and heads into town. He walks around and spots Pyra getting a bite to eat outside. He walks up to her and smiles "Hello Pyra". She "hmm?"s and looks up.

"Oh, hi Roy, how are ya?" as he sits next to her. "I'm well enough, Jessica thought it would be amusing to turn my shower into a slime bath. Then her sister showed up at my front door and gave me stuff to clean up with. Those two are really strange" Pyra giggles and nods and takes a bite of the burger she is eating. "Where's Scorch today? I thought he would be here with you." Roy asks curiously hoping to get time alone with Pyra. She smiles.

"He's off doing other stuff, I dunno. He said he would be back next week." Roy nods and "hmm"s. he gets up for a moment to buy some super sized fries from the local fast food place. He comes back and eats a fry and just before he can the next fry a long yoshi tongue comes out of nowhere and snatches the frys from Roys' claws.

He was very surprised at this, as was Pyra, and they both looked around to see who could have taken it but with all the people around it was hard to spot any one person. Roy grumbles and goes and gets some new frys and comes back, he looks around suspiciously and gets ready to eat again, and again the yoshi tongue springs into action but this time he catches the tongue and the Yoshi whines at getting it's tongue caught. Roy gets up rather unhappily and yanks on the tongue and a rather plump pink yoshi with scales and claws comes out into the open. The Yoshi whines, starting to cry as Roy holds the Yoshi by the tongue "Why are you taking my food?" he asks in a rather angry voice. The Yoshi cries and whines. Pyra get up and baps Roy. "Let the Yoshi go, can't you see your hurting her? She's terrified of you. Let her tongue go now!" Roy grumbles and releases the Yoshi's tongue, the Yoshi whimpers and scampers off quickly. "She got away, now what am I supposed to do?" Roy exclaims. "Shut up Roy, you're giving me a headache." Pyra walks away leaving Roy alone, he sighs and sits back on the bench and reaches for his fries. but they're not there anymore. He grumbles and sulks.

After a while of watching people go by Crista and Zephy come by holding hands and kissing, practically making out, as they walk around. Roy figures he would see how there doing so he walks after them and when he finally catches up there on a bench kissing and licking each other. He rolls his eyes "If you two wanna make out, go some place private. Have either of you seen a pink Yoshi with scales and claws?" Crista giggles and gropes Zephy.

"Hi Roy, wanna join me and Zephy and have a threesome?" Zephy giggles and Roy blinks. "Uh, never mind, No thanks. Forget I asked." Roy shudders and walks off, leaving the two making out on the bench. Crista shouts out "Your loss Roy. Come and see us if you ever want that threesome!" Roy blushes and walks off heading to the game store to see if they released the latest Black Megaman game yet. No luck today, so he walks back out and bumps into Jennifer again who hands him an umbrella with a smile and walks off. Roy looks rather puzzled at this since it's a a warm sunny day. He shrugs and keeps it with him and eventually spots Pyra again and hurry's to catch up to her. Just before he gets there he spot Jessica and knows this can't be good as she's about to throw a slime ball at Pyra, he throws her the umbrella.

"Pyra, catch!" She stops and "hmm?"s. The umbrella baps her on the head just before Jessica's slime splats over her covering her in slime. She was anything but happy about this; in fact, she was quite furious, and she took off leaving Roy by himself. By the time he looks up for Jessica she's gone. Jessica is laughing and Jennifer shows up and gives Jessica a hug. "Hi sis, how are you?".

Jessica blinks and pushes her back. "Stop calling me that, I'm not your sister, you're nothing like me. Stop bothering me." She takes off to get away from Jennifer and wanders though the sewers, and stumbles across some part that's been long forgotten about. It looks to be some kind of a shrine. All she can make out of what's written is something that says "ING", and she wonders what the rest of the word was. She's bored and a bit annoyed because of Jennifer, so she decides to destroy the place since there wasn't anything valuable to steal in there. Once the shrine is thoroughly slimed and destroyed something emerges from the rubble and shoots up through the ceiling up to the surface. She shrugs and decides to go back up to the surface.

A while later Roy is standing at a corner and spots the Yoshi who took his food earlier. He shouts out "Hey! You're the one who took my food!" but before he can get to chasing the Yoshi a black van comes driving and several different Yoshis hop out and grab the Yoshi. The Yoshi whines and struggles but is quickly put in the van and it speeds off. Roy wonders what all this was about.

In another part of town Crista and Zephy have moved from bench to bench testing out how well it holds up to there 'testing'. Crista smiles and nuzzles Zephy, "Hey love, how about we get a bite to eat? Im getting really hungry." Zephy agrees and they head off to find something to eat, along the way they find Pyra. Crista goes up greets Pyra, "Hi Pyra, how are you today? It's nice to see you again." Pyra smiles an nods to the couple "Hello you two, out testing benches again, hmm?" Crista giggles and nods. "Yep, our favourite thing to do, wanna join us? We were going to go get a bite to eat." Pyra smiles "Sure, I would love to. Where so you want to go?" Crista shrugs and Zephy makes a suggestion to go to the new Pokemon restaurant. Crista and Pyra think about it and both agree it's worth a shot. They all head over that way as Jessica comes back up from below. She's rather bored and in a bad mood. She wants to do some mischief but is tiered of targeting only a few people at a time. she spots the trio, and decides to follow them to see where there going.

After a a short while they arrive at the restaurant just before the lunch rush. They all sit down in a booth and look over the menu. Crista orders some fruit, Zephy orders some pokechow and Pyra orders a steak. They chat while they wait for their food, and Pyra tells them about Roy and what happened with the pink Yoshi. Crista is not to thrilled at Roy for that since she is a Yoshi herself. "Roy should be more considerate, a Yoshi's tongue is quite sensitive. We should teach him a lesson somehow, what do you think?" Pyra "hmm"s. "I don't know, Roy isn't usually a jerk like that. What do you suggest?" Crista "hmm"s and reaches over to Zephy who is seated next to her and smiles, Zephy blinks and "mrrr"s softly at what Crista is doing. Pyra grins. "Stop that you two, wait till your alone." They all giggle at it and relax looking around at the quickly filling restaurant, soon there's quite a line to get in as there food arrives.

They start eating and Jessica has been watching for a while waiting until the time was just right. She already filled up the water pipes with her slime, she sets off the sprinklers and suddenly it's raining down slime. Everyone screams and runs out of the building covered in slime. Jessica is laughing quite hard at all this. The trio come out covered in slime. Pyra grumbles, "That's twice today I've been slimed. I'm going to kill Jessica if I ever find her." Crista and Zephy have slipped off and are making rather interesting used of being slimed. Pyra shakes her head and walks off to clean up and manages to find Roy again.

He blinks, looking at Pyra. "You still haven't cleaned up from that? You must really like that slime." She growled and was furious at the comment, and she smacked him over his muzzle and stormed off. Roy watched rubbing his muzzle wondering what he did wrong. He sighs and walks away, and wanders past the restaurant where things where back to normal by now, all the slime had been cleaned, though Crista and Zephy are still having a rather good time around back and making quite a noise. Roy is curious about this and wanders around of the side of the restaurant and eventually comes, across the pair making out fully, Roy blinks and quickly turns around and walks off, thinking that's NOT what he wanted to see.

He thinks about the bad day he is having. Pyra is mad at him, he just saw Crista and Zephy making out behind the restaurant and his food was stolen by a Yoshi who was kidnaped in front of him. He spots Jennifer again standing around near by and he goes to investigate, Jennifer spots him and goes up and gives him a big hug which really catches Roy off guard, "Um, hi there Jennifer, wh-what are you doing around here? Where's your sister?" Jennifer giggles. "Hi there Roy, how've you been? Me? Oh I'm just looking for my sister, she's around town somewhere. Why do you ask? You want me to set you up on a date with my wonderful dear sister?" she grins and giggles. Roy blinks a bit. "Um, I'm all right I guess. I was just wondering so I could avoid her." Roy really is taken back when Jennifer mentions a date with Jessica, "A date? With Jessica? You got to be kidding. No thanks." Roy shudders and walks off. "All right, but if you change your mind, just tell me!" Jennifer shouts as he walks off.

Roy is getting quite hungry by now, but he used what little money he brought with him that day to get breakfast, so he just wanders to the local park and sits next to the lake and ponders things. He rubs his muzzle again thinking about Pyra, still not sure what he did to make her so mad. He watches the lake and grows rather bored and tired and eventually falls asleep.

Meanwhile, Pyra is walking back to her place to clean up for the 2nd time today and is still very mad, so she doesn't notice a black puddle in her way and steps it it and suddenly she's stuck. She blinks and grumbles and try's to free herself thinking "Oh great, this is all I need now, this day couldn't possibly get any worse." And just as she thinks that, the black goo starts to creep up her body and absorb into her scales, she really starts to panic at this point as it quickly climbs up to her tail, she tries to brush it off but it gets stuck on her claws, she tries to yell for help but suddenly it jumps into her muzzle and she gags. She can feels it overtake her whole body. She feels her tail change, turning into a blade, and then so does her nose horn. The ing creeps into her mind, magnifying her anger and rage into hatred. Her eyes turn red and with that the ing has fully taken over Pyra.

Back at the park, Roy is sleeping quietly when Jessica wanders by and grins, seeing a great opportunity to have some fun, she makes a big slime ball and holds it just inches away from his face and then yells "BOO!" with this he jumps up right into the slime ball and is thoroughly slimed. Jessica takes off laughing as Roy wipes the slime from his face and grumbles, suddenly Jennifer appears and hands him some towels and gives his a kiss on his nose after she's wiped it off and takes off giggling. Roy sits there rather stunned, not knowing why the white yoshi just kissed him. He wipes off and sighs and walks off to find Pyra and apologize for whatever he did that ticked her off.

On the other side of town, Crista and Zephy have stopped playing around for a while. Zephy is bored and looks over at Crista "Come on, lets have some more fun, im bored." Crista looks over at her "Hold on hon, wait till im done with this love book, I wanna try some new things so just be patient." Zephy whines and fidgets. "But Im really in the mood now." Just then Roy walks by and Crista takes the opportunity to take a break from the whining for a few moments and calls over to Roy, and he "hmm?"s and walks over "Hi there you two, either of you seen Pyra?" they both shake their heads and reply with a no. "What you need to find her for? You can do just the same with me. Besides she's taken anyway by Scorch." Zephy blinks. "You want to play with HIM? What's so good about a boy?" Roy blinks and doesn't quite know what to say to this. Before he gets a chance to reply a dark voice shouts out "ROY!" everyone turns around and looks to the direction of the voice.

A black dragon with red marks and a bladed tail and horn lands, and she looks extremely mad. They all look at her as she lands and Crista mentions "You know, she looks awfully familiar." Roy "hmm"s. "You know, she does remind me of someone, but I can't remember who." The dark dragon reply's "I am Pyra, but I am one with the ing now, and you will feel my anger." The trio look shocked at this and all say "Pyra?"

The ing possessed Pyra lunges forward hitting Roy in the chest, and he drops to his knees wincing in pain. Zephy gets up and confronts Pyra "Hey, that's no way to treat a friend. Come on, if it's a fight you want than fight me, I won't hold back on you for what you did to Roy." Pyra smirks and with a wave of her wing it hits Zephy and sends her flying though the bench several feet back, knocked out cold. Crista and Roy both blink, rather stunned.

"How could you do do that to her? She'd better be all right or I won't forgive you." Crista says with tears in her eyes and looking rather mad. Roy gets up and looks at Pyra. "What's wrong with you? Why are you acting like this? What's gotten into you?" Pyra leaps and grabs Roy's shirt and easily lifts his whole body off the ground. "The ing have given me power and strength beyond anything I could hope for and now I have the power to take care of you." She tosses him up into the air much to his surprise and then he's smacked across the city. When he lands he's got a big gash in his chest from the blade tail and he's bruised all over from the rough landing, he groans and stands up holding a hand over his wound as Pyra lands infront of him with a rather evil smile on her face.

Back where the whole mess began Crista is trying to wake Zephy, but it takes several minutes for her to wake up. Zephy sits up with a gasp and looks around "What happened? Where did she go?" Crista explains what happened to her and where Roy went. Once Zephy got herself back together they both agree to head off in search of Roy and Pyra. They ask around and slowly are on the tail of the dark Pyra. Back with Roy, the ing possessed Pyra has really beaten up on him. He's quite cut up. "Pyra stop this, why are you doing this? This isn't like you, you're really nice. You aren't like this. What would Scorch say if he say you like this?" she stop and blinks. "Scorch?" She stops and seems to remember the name. And then she almost sounds normal. "Roy? What's... going-" before she can finish the ing takes control again. "No more stalling. I will finish you off and then Jessica is next. You will both pay for what you have done to me." She rushes forward and Roy manages to dodge the attack and trip her up with his tail, she falls to the ground and Roy leaps on top of her trying to keep her down, "Fight it Pyra, come on. Think of Scorch, think of all the happy times you both though" Pyra growls and shoves him off easily. But she does take the advantage and attack, she's fighting the ing and it looks like it's quite a struggle. Roy comes over and tries to encourage her, but she lashes out and knocks him out. Pyra clenches her head and growls "Get out of me!" her colour slowly starting to return to normal. The black goo escapes from her mouth plopping on the ground, Pyra has beaten the ing but she's very weak, she wobbles over to Roy but collapses half way.

Several minutes later Crista and Zephy arrive and finds the 2 dragons passed out, Roy's cut up pretty bad but Pyra looks fine. They're both alive and breathing, thankfully. Later on in the hospital Roy wakes up all bandaged with Crista, Zephy and Pyra standing around "Hey there, I'm glad to see your all right." Pyra says. They all discuss what happened and Pyra is sorry for what the ing made her do. Zephy smiles. They all leave after a while to let Roy rest. Zephy moans a bit on the way back with Crista. "I don't feel so good. I think that black stuff I ate near Pyra isn't agreeing with me." Crista shakes her head. "Do you have to eat EVERYTHING you see?"


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