Yoshi's Island Adventure (in this story, I will translate what the Yoshies say)

I ran to the game store as fast as I could run. I entered the store and took deep breaths trying to catch my breath. I slammed my on the counter and said "I want Yoshi's Island Adventure."

"$49.50" the cashier said. He grabbed my money and counted it. "Here is your change." he said as he gave me $5.75. I took the money and the game and ran off.

I opened the door of my house and dashed up my room. I tore off the paper as fast as I could. I opened the game case and shoved it into the system. I saw Yoshi on the screen as I caught my breath again. Yoshi waved and he stuck his tounge out and pulled the words "Yoshi's Island Adventure" onto the screen. Then he stuck out his tounge again pulling the the words "press start" onto the screen. I pressed start. I saw a ripple-effect on the screen. I got closer to the screen and then I fell into the T.V. screen.

I looked around and I saw Baby Bowser. I dashed behind a tree. I peeked over at him. He was having his minions lifting a big huge tree. It had every fruit, even peppers. They put it on a big hovering platform. And Baby Bowser and his helpers jumped on the platform and flew off.

I thought to myself, "What would Baby Bowser want with a tree? All of a sudden a fruit hit me on the head. It was a rotten banana. I looked at the tree. All the bananas were rotten. I looked at the other trees. All the fruits on them were rotten. The peppers were rotten too. I looked around the island trying to find a tree with fruits that aren't rotten.

I saw a black yoshi. I followed him to see where was going. He was running so it had to be important. I sneaked over to the cave entrance he went to and I listened to everything they said.

In the cave a bunch of Yoshis were starting to get together. They had a meeting. It was loud In the cave. All of the Yoshis were talking about all of the fruit on the island rotting. Then a green male Yoshi yelled "YOSHI" (SILENCE). Everyone stopped talking, and the Green Yoshi spoke first.

"Yoshi yoshi". ( All of the fruit on the island has rotted.) A male red yoshi then said "Yoshi yoshi." (How did this happen?) Then the sounds of Yoshis talking and saying what they think filled the cave. Then the Green Yoshi bellowed the word "YOSHI" (SILENCE), and every yoshi was quiet again.

The Green Yoshi's yell had echoed throughout the cave. Then the GreenYoshi said "Yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi." (All the trees on our island that grow and grow fruits are given life by a huge tree in the center of the island. When that tree is gone the trees die and the fruit rots.)

Then a male Yellow Yoshi yelled "YOSHI" (Let's see the tree.) As they exited I ran back to where the tree was. They all went to the center of the island and looked at the hole where the tree used to be. I wanted to get a closer look but I tripped over the Super Happy Heart Plant's vines. The Yoshis turned around and stared at me. Then Green Yoshi approached me and said "Yoshi yoshi?" (What are you doing here?)

I was about to speak but then a female Pink Yoshi said "Yoshi yoshi!" (Maybe he is a spy for Baby Bowser or someone else!) Then every yoshi started agreeing with her. Then Green Yoshi angrily yelled "YOSHI YOSHI YOSHIIIIIIIII?" (HOW MANY TIMES MUST I YELL SILENCE?)

Every yoshi stopped talking. Then Green Yoshi asked me "Yoshi yoshi" (What are you doing here?) Then I answered "I don't know... wait, how did I understand him? But I know who took the tree, Baby Bowser."

Then Green Yoshi asked me "Yoshi?" (Where did he go?) "That way" I answered. I pointed to a strange cloud formation that looked like a tower. "Yoshi yoshi." (That must be his lair) Green Yoshi said. A Light Blue Yoshi asked "Yoshi yoshi?" (How will you get there?).

"I have an idea" I said. I then asked "Who is the best egg thrower?" Then two Yoshis, a dark blue male Yoshi and a purple female both said "Yoshi yoshi!" (Me me!) Then I said "You two over here." They both ran over.

Then I said, "Me and Green Yoshi will get the tree back while the others make sure that Baby Bowser causes no more trouble. Now Green Yoshi, when they throw an egg grab on with your tounge and the egg should go up to the tower." then Green Yoshi said "Yoshi yoshi? Yoshi yoshi." (How will we get up there? If you hold onto me the egg will fall due to the weight. I have an idea, wait right here for a moment.)

I waited, and he came back with a fruit that looked like a Yoshi egg. It was white with green dots. Green Yoshi said "Yoshi yoshi yoshi." (This is a Yoshi fruit, whoever eats will become a Yoshi.) I asked "Will it be permanent?"

Green Yoshi said "Yoshi." (no) I ate the fruit and then I looked at myself, and I was a gray Yoshi with a white stomach and green shoes. "Neat." I said in my normal voice. Then I said "Okay shoot the eggs."

We shot out our tounges and grabbed the eggs. Up we went until we were at the lair. We looked at the tower. We went inside. We were greeted by Bowser. He said, "Welcome to our castle. What do you want? The tree no doubt." "Give us the tree" I yelled.

"Like I'll give you the tree." We ran past him into the other room. Bowser yelled "STOP!"

We saw a machinery filled room. We ran up a bridge and hopped onto each gear and cog. We ran on the top of one gear but it spun faster and faster. We flutter jumped onto the other bridge. We entered the room Baby Bowser was in. We saw the tree about to be shredded on a tv screen. We gasped. Baby Bowser said, "In 15 minutes the tree will be twigs."

We dashed to find the room the tree was going to shredded in. We saw twelve doors and we went into the closest door on the right. We fell down a hole but we were saved by a trampoline. Green Yoshi said "Yoshi." (That was close.) Then I looked up and I said "That is close." I pointed up to some spikes on the celing. "A few more bounces and were're toast." I yelled.

"Jump to the door." I called out. Green Yoshi jumped to the door and landed without being hurt. But I did a front flip in mid-air instead of landing. I was about to hit the spikes but then Green Yoshi Grabbed my leg with his touge and pulled me back to safety. "Thanks" I said.

Green Yoshi said "Yoshi." (You're Welcome) We shut the door and went into the door across from the one we entered. We saw a huge room with a floor with moving tiles, gaps, disappearing tiles and tons of weird looking everywhere objects. We stepped on a big moving tile and it started moving. It took us for a ride and we flew through the room at high speeds.

Green Yoshi heard beeping. He looked under the tile and I asked "What are you looking at?" He saw a time bob-omb. He said "Yoshi." ( We don't have much time.) "What do you mean?" I looked under the tile and saw the time bob-omb. it read 10:00. I then said "We have enough time to get the tree!"

We zoomed into another door. A big cheep-cheep leaped out to eat us but it missed us. We zoomed in room after room until the time read 1:00. we crashed into the conveyor belt the tree was on. The tile stopped moving. We tried to push it of the conveyor belt, but it did not work. Then the bob-omb blew up and me, Green yoshi and the tree went flying.

The tree landed in its spot, and me and Green Yoshi landed near the tree. A green fruit with white spots landed on my head. I asked "What kind of fruit is this?" Green Yoshi said "Yoshi" (That fruit will turn you back to normal.)

I decided to save it for later. We noticed that all of the fruits were not rotten. We all celebrated. Me and Green Yoshi got fruit baskets with every fruit in them even peppers. And it also had the egg like fruits. I ate the green fruit with white spots, and then I slipped on a banana peel when I opened my eyes I was in my room. I had the fruit basket in my hand. the screen said "The End". I sat the fruit on my desk. Everytime I ate that fruit I would be a Gray Yoshi.

The End

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