Already on your way? Well, here are a few sites that may be useful, or are at least related to the stuff on this site. Hurry back, though!

The Video Game Music Archive
This place has more MIDI files than you can lay your eyes on. If you need any music, this is the place to go!

Nintendo's Website
The official home page of the big N. We salute them!

An enormous fan fiction archive. I have an account there (username "Darkermark") but all I'm publishing is the Cursed Yoshi series. There's tons of other 'fics, so be sure to take a look.

Deviant Art
DA is a website that freely allows you to host all kinds of different art, but as with any art gallery, real or online, sometimes you'll look at things and ask yourself, "But is it art?". Regardless, the place is free, and I have an account there, but most of my work is already on this site.

Lemmy's Land
The mother of all fan sites. It's been going for at least five years, and is so freaking huge it spans across two hosts for its 75+ sections. It could use some quality control, but it's worth a look anyway.

The only thing on here you should watch is the Rise Of The Mushroom Kingdom series. It's pure brilliance (albiet a bit violent). Don't bother with the rest of the movies, as they're vulgar and repulsive and generally R-rated anyway.

Yoshi Lore
This place is huge! For any and all Yoshi-related material, if it's not on this site, Yoshi Lore is the place to go. MP3 files, movies of the old Super Mario World episodes, wallpaper, and all kinds of crazy stuff. Most of the fan-things are the work of n00bs*, so watch yourself.

Absolute Background Textures
A huge archive of tileable backgrounds. The one on this site is from there.

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