Sprite Comics

Ever turned to the comics page of a newspaper to read the funnies? Maybe you've bought one of those weekly comic books? Ever thought, "Hey, I could do that, if only I could draw"?

Sprite comics are the easy option compared to learning to draw. Trust me, I know. Unless you make your own sprites or piece them together with a construction kit, all the sprites you'll ever need are already on the net. And making new ones isn't that hard. Although recolours * may be generally considered tacky, you can always re-work your sprites at a later date once you become a better spriter *.

You may do random comics with a joke every time, or you may prefer to do a series comic with an actual storyline, and take it from there. Either way, if you submit a sprite comic, it will go here under either single-panel comics, like The Far Side, random comics, like Garfield, or series comics, like a lot of hand-drawn webcomics out there.

Of course, you may not necessarily want to make them, just read them. If that's the case, just pick one of the options below:

Series Comics:
They may be funny, they may be sad, they may be touching, but no matter what, they have a plotline of some sort.
Random Comics:
These comics have no plotline. Just jokes and/or visual gags.
Single Panel Comics:
Quick-fire gags presented in a single, (maybe large) panel.

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