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So, you want to join the site to submit stuff? Okay, go ahead; just copy and paste the following form into an e-mail, fill it in, and send it to darkmark3<at> with the subject line "Joining" or something along those lines.

Your Alias:
IM contact: (Yahoo, AIM, or MSN)
E-mail contact: (May be the same if you wish)
Self-evaluation: (Just a few comments of your own saying what you're good at, what you think of the site, etc)

If you have an avatar*, you may attatch it to the e-mail and it will be used on the site. Avatars can be a maximum of 100x100 pixels, and must be either GIF, PNG or JPG files. You do not have to have an avatar, but it helps give you a little individuality. Avatars do not have to be Yoshi related.

Once your e-mail has been registered you will recieve a confirmation e-mail from myself, and once that happens, you are free to submit anything you want to the site, but please, read the Guidelines For Submissions first.

Alternatively, you may register on The Forums and apply in the "Site Applications" forum.
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