New Visitors

New in these parts?

Well, that's perfectly okay. Welcome aboard! It's always great to have someone new join up here. Before you go off exploring the site, just let me take a moment of your time to read the contents of this page - it'll be worth it, or your money back.

Firstly, throughout the site, you may see asterisks (*) after certain words. These tend to be terms not in any english dictionary and are quite often only used on the internet. If you check out the glossary under "Miscellaneous stuff", you can find out what they mean if you don't already know, or click on the asterisk to be taken directly to that definition.

Secondly, not everything here is mine. That said, if you see something with no credit label given to anyone, you can probably assume it's mine, since I'll always give credit to anyone who submits something to this website.

Thirdly, anyone is welcome to join the site if they so wish. I won't give them administrator status and access to the site, but I'll let them submit things to the site as they so wish, assuming I let their submissions through.

Fourthly, you are perfectly free to comment to the creator of something if you have something you'd like to say. Please do not flame*; instead, try to get your complaint across in a more diplomatic fashion.

Fifthly, You are free to contact me at any time using one or more of the following programs:

Sixthly, be aware that this site has some PG-13 rated material on it. If you're twelve or under, watch out for anything marked "PG-13" in the summary.

And, finally, please enjoy yourself while you are here. That's the whole point of this site being here.

Oh yeah, no flash photography either. To save a picture, sprite sheet, or similar, just right click on it and click 'Save As'.

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