Sprite Sheets

Sprite sheets are image files containing premade sprites of one or more characters. If you are new to spriting you may wish to start off with these, but it is recommended that you move to construction kits as soon as you feel that you can. All sprite sheets, unless otherwise stated, have been made or edited by myself.

Sprite sheets in order of addition:
Yoshi Sprite Sheet - Template SS (From the Yoshi Station)
Yoshi Sprite Sheet, SMRPG Style - Template SS
Yoshi Sprite Sheet (Male) - Template SS by The Black Megaman
Yoshi Sprite Sheet (Female) - Template SS by The Black Megaman
Yoshi Sprite Sheet, Mario & Luigi Style - Template SS
8-Bit Yoshi Sprite Sheet - Template SS (Made by Apple Kid)
Darkmark's Sprite Sheet
Neo Darkmark's Sprite Sheet
Yoshata's Sprite Sheet - 1 (Made by Tek Station)
Yoshata's Sprite Sheet - 2 (Made by Joey)
Yoshata's Sprite Sheet - 3 (Made by Joey)
Senit's Sprite Sheet (Paper Mario style, credits on picture)

Baby Bowser's Sprite Sheet

DMBN Sprites:
DMBN - Effects Sheet
DMBN - Hammer/Pickaxe Sheet
DMBN - Colors/Alignment Sheet
DMBN - Full Synchro Sheet
DMBN - Buster Error Sheet
DMBN - Buster Charge Sheet
DMBN - Shield Sheet
DMBN - Deletion Sheet^
DMBN - Emotion Windows^
DMBN - Swords Sheet
DMBN - Vulcan Sheet^
DMBN - Overworld Sheet^
Coming soon: DMBN - Buster Sheet
Coming soon: DMBN - Punch Sheet
Coming soon: DMBN - Regular Sheet
Coming soon: DMBN - Special Sheet
Coming soon: DMBN - Throw Sheet
Coming soon: DMBN - Fire Sheet
Coming soon: DMBN - Aqua Sheet
Coming soon: DMBN - Elec Sheet
Coming soon: DMBN - Wood Sheet
Coming soon: DMBN - Custom Poses^
Coming soon: DMBN - Neo Sheet^
Note: The original sheets of Megaman can be found here: Sprites.Planet-Megaman.com's MMBN sprite section
^(Note: These sheets were not taken from Planet Megaman... I made them myself.)
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