Cursed Yoshi


Chapter 24 = Love and lust


Disclaimer: Although all characters here are of my own invention, the original idea of Yoshies, Birdos, etcetera, are copyright of Nintendo, and I make no money from writing this.


“So… what is it that you want to talk to me about?”

They were standing between several trees, with the lush forest canopy above them making them appear slightly greener in the light coming through the thinner leaves. All around them the ground was littered with recently fallen leaves and seeds from the trees, and Shiala could see the others waiting for Visali to get back up just beyond a few more of the trees. She took off her backpack and laid it gently on the ground, where it remained upright, and she swallowed before speaking.

“Marcus… I…”

She fell silent for a moment, looking off to the side with her head dipped and her eyes half-closed, before looking back towards him and staring deep into his eyes.

“I know that you’re sad from losing Alziana… and… I know that you probably don’t feel like starting again, but… I… I think that I could help you.”

“Help me? How?”

Shiala paused and took a deep breath before continuing. “I can… I think I can help you get over her. If you’re happier, then you can move on easier, right?”

Marcus closed his eyes. “But… I don’t want to forget…”

“I’m not saying that you should forget. I’m saying that you should cheer up and move on… but always keep a special place inside of you for her.”

He smiled, and said, “That would be nice… but I don’t know if I can move on… I mean, it was everything I ever wanted, and more, and… I’m sure that if it hadn’t ended in the way it did, that I could have gotten over it…”

“Was it really that bad?”

Marcus nodded, keeping his eyes closed. “Yes… she was bleeding, but still alive… and she was in so much pain that it hurt me, too… I… thought I could save her, but her injuries were too severe… I always told her that I’d protect her, and I failed… I failed so miserably…”

Shiala put a hand on his shoulder. “Look, you couldn’t have expected that. Besides, even if you were there, what could you have done? I’m sure that if she had had any chance of escaping, she would have taken it and tried to run, just on the off-chance that she could escape successfully…”

“Still… I wish I could have been there sooner… I never properly got the chance to say goodbye, it was over so quickly… she gave me my ring, but looking at it, I think she was saving it for something special…”


Marcus held up his right hand to show her the ring. It was untarnished and the gems still were clear, the ornate wrought gold still in its original condition. “It’s a very interesting ring… and given its value and the gems… I think it was more than just a gift… I think that there was more behind the gesture than it seems, but… whatever it was, I’ll never know now…”

Silence fell over them, and Shiala stepped forward, putting her arms around Marcus and hugging him tightly, resting her head on his shoulder and narrowing her eyes at Manny, who was watching from a distance. He hesitated, but returned the gesture and held her close to him, gently putting his head on her shoulder, enjoying the touch of her chest against his and the feel of her hands on his back.

“Marcus…” she said, “I know that you like me… you try to hide it a little, but I can still tell that you like me… you really seem to enjoy sleeping next to me… and… I’m sure you’ve gathered that I…”

She paused for a moment, rewording what she had been about to say in her mind, before speaking aloud again. “I… really like you… and… I hate to see you like this, upset and distraught over the death of someone that you loved. I want to help in any way that I can to make you feel better, so if there’s anything I can do… just ask.”

“Thank you.” Marcus replied, smiling broadly. “You’re very sweet, and yes, I do like you… I’m happy that you want to help, but I don’t know what you can do…”

Shiala smiled and broke away, walking over to stand by Marcus’s side, before reaching up and gently stroking his fins on the back of his head, moving downwards after a moment, following the curve of his back down to the tip of his tail. She then put one hand on his leg and said, “You’ve got very strong legs, you know…” in a slightly seductive tone, remembering the tip that Manny had given her.

“Yes, well…” he said, scratching the back of his head, “I used to do a lot of running when I was younger to try and build them up… and it worked. I’m a pretty fast runner by Yoshi standards, but I’m pretty weak otherwise…”

“Aww, no you’re not…” She contested. “You’re still strong… after all, you helped bring down that dragon, didn’t you?”

He grinned and turned to face her, saying, “Well… that was more luck than anything else…”

“You’re too modest.” She said, smiling back. “You may not like to admit it, but you’re very nice, and pretty strong, and you’re quite smart too…”

“Stop that.” Marcus muttered, blushing and scratching the back of his head again. She continued, “You’re a great guy, you know, you just have to try not to distance yourself from people who try to help…”

She stepped forward and hugged him again, and he hugged her back without any hesitation this time, closing his eyes and smiling as he put his head back on her shoulder blades. They broke off a few seconds later and stood facing each other, before Shiala edged forward and their noses touched, and they opened their eyes to meet each other’s gazes. They continued looking into each other’s red-outlined eyes for a moment, before Shiala took his hands and moved over to one side a little, before leaning forward and resting her head on his shoulder again. She began to nuzzle up against his head, gently rubbing it with the side of her nose and cheeks, and he gave a low, pleased hum as he began to return the affectionate gesture, releasing her hands to put them on the sides of her shoulder joints. She moved her hands down and placed them on his waist, just above his legs, moving away from him for a moment to stand nose-to-nose with him again.

They held each other’s hands palm-to-palm, and started to rub noses, before moving their muzzles around each other’s, sometimes stopping and going in the other direction, keeping contact as much as they could as they continued with the intimate act for a few more moments. Shiala stopped again and stared into his eyes one final time, letting go of his hands and putting her arms around him, before slowly closing her eyes and tipping her head to one side, and opening her mouth a little as she slowly leant forward.

Marcus also tilted his head, closing his eyes in expectation, moving his arms up and putting them around her waist as best he could. He, too, began to lean forward, his head swimming in a cloud of hormones, his heart beating at an incredible rate, and with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside of him as their lips made contact and they began to kiss.

Ignoring Manny’s shout of “Score!” from behind Marcus, they tightened their grips suddenly and pulled themselves together, with Marcus’s white chest rubbing against Shiala’s tanned orange torso. The brown Yoshi took his mouth away to kiss her again and again, taking pleasure from the feel of her soft, moist lips, and moving his hands along the curve of her back, caressing her smooth skin as she kept a continuous kiss with him. She kept one hand on his back to hold him close to her, but put the other on the back of his head as she began to kiss him more passionately, before tentatively sending her tongue into his mouth. He eagerly tongued her back, sliding his tongue over hers like a snake over a tree branch, swathed in hormones and dizzy with exhilaration, letting her move her tongue around inside of his mouth as he did the same to hers, picking up a sweet taste as he did so and tightening his hold on her even further.

Afraid that he’d faint from the sudden rush of blood and hormones, Marcus pulled his tongue back and broke away from her, panting as he moved his hands to her shoulders, opening his eyes and meeting her gaze only to find her gasping for breath in front of him, clearly having enjoyed it as much as he did.

Manny’s voice came floating over to them again, shouting, “Get a room next time, you two!”, but they ignored him once more as they leant forward again to kiss a second time. Much faster this time, they locked lips and started to tongue kiss straight away, producing a variety of wet sounds as their Yoshish tongues touched and rubbed, going around the other to explore the other person’s mouth. Oblivious to the world around them, the two of them continued for as long as they could before finally withdrawing their tongues and stepping away from each other.

Manny came running up to them, and put a firm hand on Marcus’s shoulder as he spoke in old Yoshi. “Are you two quite done? Visali’s not paralysed any more, and we’re waiting for you to come back so we can move on into the mountain range.”

He went back without waiting for a response, and Marcus sighed. “I suppose we should go back…” he muttered, “But… I… thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Shiala replied, picking up her backpack from where she had set it down. She clasped hands with him and walked side-by-side with Marcus as they headed back to the group, tagging along behind as they moved onwards and headed into the mountains.


To be continued…

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